Something Blue

Adding to my shoe collection…. My first pair of blue shoes! Target carried three colors: blue, gray and beige. IMG_0967I have too many gray shoes, so it was between beige and blue. I already have a pair of beige/tan shoes that resemble these, so I went withIMG_0963 the blue pair. This style of shoe is perfect for both casual and formal outfits. On a formal occasion, I would wear these with skinny dress pants or a dress. For the most part, I will wear these more casually. I tried them DSCN2622on with dark jeans, but was not a fan of how they looked. The black and the blue clashed. I have to find the righDSCN2617t pair of dark jeans to wear with these. My light washed blue jeans from American Eagle flowed well. I threw on one of my white tees and had a nice little back to school outfit! I think these shoes can be worn with a lot if worn right.

Baptism Vibes

My baby cousin’s baptism was the reason for this formal ‘fit. Any “fancy” family gathering for me is a fun excuse to get dressed up. I get the chance to wear the nice clothes in my closet that I never have a solid reason to wear. I bought this pink slip dress from H&M a few months ago and have been wanting to wear it ever sense. As you can see, the dress is quite plain. Under the jacket, the straps are a little to skimpy for a baptism.IMG_0942 I didn’t feel comfortable wearing this by itself, so I tried to pair it with one of my cardigans. I wasn’t feeling any of those, so I borrowed my sisters jacket from H&M. It fit perfectly with the dress. It is longer in the front and shorter in the back. As for shoes, unfortunately none of my sneakers made the cut. I wore open toed heels from Kohl’s. I also dressed the outfit up with jewelry. I wore some of my silver and gold Alex and Ani bracelets, earrings and a simple necklace. For me, that is a lot of jewelry just for one outfit. Formal yet comfortable all day, I was content with my outfit choice.

Photo credits to my sister, Melina.

Fun ‘Fit

I really liked this outfit I put together for work the other day (surprise, I work at a Forever 21). DSCN2555I knew I wanted to wear this oversized tunic tee from Urban Outfitters, but I wasn’t sure how I wanted to wear it. I always see outfits with tunics, but I never thought of buying one. I found this one on sale, so I thought, why not? First, I tried to wear it with jeans, but wasn’t sure if I liked it enough for a summer outfit. In the fall I’ll try it again. Wearing it as a dress was what I decided on. Alone, it looked like I was swimming in it. I for sure needed something to wear with it. The color paired well with a jean jacket, so I put on the one I have from H&M. It is a little big, so it went with the whole oversized look. For shoes, I thought my black short boots from Target dressed the outfit up a little and pulled it together. This is one of my favorite outfits that I’ve put together in a while. I received some compliments on the look, so I thought I’d share. Also, enjoy the mini photo shoot I had trying to take a picture I actually liked.

Pictures by Angela Losek (AKA: mom).

“Skrt Skrt”

This charcoal colored skirt is from Forever 21 (I promise I shop in other stores). My closet needed some new dresses and skirts for the summer. I tried on a few colors and styles of skirts, but this one was my favorite.

I like the buttons on it and how it does not have any slits in the sides. It is just a straight down skirt. The color is a little weird and hard to match with. I thought a neutral color would match better than other colors. Black didn’t look well, gray looked okay and white looked the best. With the many white tees in my closet, I decided to wear this short sleeve one from Urban Outfitters. It looked best tucked in. The skirt and shirt paired together had a skater vibe, so I wore my black Vans with it. I really like this skirt because it is so casual, but can also be dressed up if I wanted!


Denim Doll

I had an outfit idea with a denim dress. When shopping in Forever 21, this one wasn’t the style I had in mind. I had a handful of denim dresses, but after trying this one on, it was an easy pick. A major selling point was the pockets on the side. It is a little oversized and long, but maybe that’s just because I’m 5’2″. Lucky for me, I like the longer look with this. At first, I wasn’t sure what to wear under it. I tried multiple shirts and tank tops on with it to find that white and gray match well. For shoes, black or white ones look best. The other day I decided to wear it with a white tee and my black Vans. I received a few compliments, so I think I made the right choice! IMG_0416

Urban Outfitters Steals

If you have ever shopped in an Urban Outfitters, you know that their clothes are not only insanely cute, but insanely expensive as well. I usually go straight to their sale items first.

In my most recent post, I showed you my favorite outfits from California. While we were there, we went shopping at the mall near where we stayed. It was called Fashion Island (was not a real island). It was a beautiful outside mall. Their Urban Outfitters had a stacked sale rack where I found a few items that were decently priced.


This BDG buttoned up jean shirt caught my eye first. This would be good in the fall and winter to wear with black jeans or leggings. I would wear it with either a t-shirt underneath and unbuttoned or just by itself buttoned up.

IMG_0391Of course I had to add to my collection of white t-shirts. Not only do I love plain t-shirts, I love graphic tees as well. I found this Vans tee and needed to add it to my closet.

This sweater was an absolute steal. It was only $5 and was the last one! It is from the Silence + Noise brand at UO. The fabric is soft, stretchy and comfortable. I added a dark grey tank top under it in the picture. This sweater could be worn with either dark or light jeans with a neutral tank top or solid shirt underneath. I am looking forward to wearing it this fall and winter.


Unfortunately, this last item was not on the sale rack. I am not one to wear body suits, but I saw this Tommy Hilfiger one and thought it was cute. My mom talked me into trying it on, and I actually liked the way it looked.

IMG_0400When I tried it on I had on my Levi shorts, which are a little big on me. I liked how it looked under the looser shorts, so it would also look good with a pair of boyfriend fit jeans and a cardigan or jacket. That is how I plan wear it in the fall and winter. Because it’s Tommy Hilfiger, and not a typical body suit that I see, this just might be the one and only body suit that I will ever add to my closet!

This sale rack was perfect for me because fall and winter fashion is my favorite and I found a couple steals. I can’t wait to wear them once the weather cools down.

California Trip ‘Fits

My family and I recently vacationed in California and I finally had the chance to wear some of my new summer clothes that I have been posting about. I wanted to share my top 5 outfits!

#5 Levi Shorts, tank top from American Eagle and Converse. I thought this outfit was simple. I quickly threw it on to go to the mall. Under the tank top I wore a dark green bralette that added a little color to the outfit and looked well with the tank top.

#4 Levi Shorts, button up shirt from Urban Outfitters and plain sneakers. This shirt hung well on me and looked better with the shorts than I thought it would. I wore it out to dinner one night. The salmon color looks nice with a tan!

#3 Black lace romper from the Kendall and Kylie collection at Pacsun and black sandals from Target. I was excited to finally wear this romper. I wore it to a nice restaurant we went to for dinner and it was the perfect time and place to wear it.

#2 Levi Shorts, short sleeve shirt, cream cardigan and converse. This outfit made it into the top 2 because I loved how casual it was. The orange shirt and cream cardigan matched well together. Plus, the messy bun and glasses fit this look perfectly.

#1 Overalls and a striped shirt with my plain sneakers. This was my top look because I absolutely love the overalls. I used to wear overalls all the time as a kid. They’re back in style, so I thought I’d give them a try again. I loved the vibe of the whole outfit, it was a fun look. I hope you like my outfits as much as I did!