Fashion Favorites

For my first post I wanted to share some of my favorite brands and clothes! My absolute favorite brand is Calvin Klein. I think all of his clothing looks clean and nice. I still have yet to purchase a pair of jeans, but everything else I have is comfortable and cute.

Shoes are my obsession, my “go-to” shoe is either my not-so-white anymore Converse or my black Vans. They go with anything I wear and are easy to slip on and off when in a hurry.

Crew necks and hoodies tend to take up a majority of my closet space. I don’t know what it is, but something about the way a plain hoodie looks with a pair of jeans and the right shoes looks so put together to me. Plus, it’s comfortable!

Finding graphic tees as well as plain short and long sleeve shirts from Urban Outfitters, Target, PacSun and Forever 21 is something I do too easily.

The color scheme of my wardrobe consists of neutral colors and lots of black and grey. I don’t like the way colors look on me, so I rarely wear them.



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