Summer Essentials

If you know me, you know I like winter fashion more than any other season. However, I do like summer fashion almost as much. As soon as it’s acceptable to wear shorts, my summer style kicks in. A few good pairs of jean shorts are good to have. They pair well with just about anything from plain t-shirts to tank tops or a hoodie. I just bought my first pair of Levi jean shorts and I can already tell they are going to be one of my favorites this summer. Next to those I have my go-to American Eagle shorts, a pair of high waisted jean ones and a pair of black mid-rise ones. Those two were the ones I wore most often this past summer. All 3 of these are perfect for everyday looks that I usually pair with a t-shirt.

My closet is filled with t-shirts similar to these three below. In the summer, I typically do not like to wear tank tops. I prefer a t-shirt or a v-neck. I like the way they look with my shorts and they’re easy to just thrown on with any of my go-to shorts. I’d say having a few short sleeve shirts that you can throw on at anytime is a must for the summer.

When I do wear tank tops, I have a few styles that I like and feel comfortable in. The style on the left shows the front on top and the back of the tank top below. I like the way the high neck line makes my shoulders and collarbone look. I bought this from Urban Outfitters. With this style, I usually wear a halter bralette. For this particular one, I have a light grey lace bralette from Urban Outfitters that looks perfect under it. Another style that I like is one with a scoop neckline and is loose fitting. The plain pink one in the middle is one I bought from Forever 21. This particular tank top was supposed to be bought as a crop top. Since I am not a huge fan of those, I bought a few sizes up so it has a more normal fit. The last one is a black v-neck from the Brandy Melville collection at Pacsun. This style is nice to throw on when running errands or out with friends. It also pairs well with any type of bralette. I throw those on under almost everything I wear in the summer!

For someone like me who has a million hoodies filling up her closet, having a go-to hoodie in the summer is a must. I bought this one from Forever 21. It was supposed to be bought as a crop top, so again, I bought the next size up so it’s not as short. IMG_1669It’s perfect for summer nights because it’s light and goes well with a pair of high waisted jean shorts, a cute bonfire outfit. In the picture I have the sleeves rolled up a bit. This hoodie has longer sleeves, so it looks better to have them rolled up in a summer setting.

These are not all of my summer essentials, but these are my basic go-to clothes that I tend to wear on a day-to-day basis!




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