Grad Party Picks

It is graduation party season! The only thing about graduation parties that I like is that they are a chance to dress up. This outfit to the left is one that I’ve worn to a graduation party before and it is one of mIMG_1693y favorite outfits. Both the skirt and tank top are from Forever 21 and my simple sandals from Target paired well with it. I think a skirt and a tank top is cute combo for a grad party.

I recently bought this pink t-shirt dress from Forever 21. I like the way these dresses look, and I don’t have any, so I found this one and bought it. I think it would be perfect for a grad party. IMG_1699If you wanted to be more formal you could wear it with a pair of open toed heals. The ones I have in the picture are from Kohl’s. I also think it looks good with a pair of simple slip on sandals. This outfit could be worn when out with friends or on a date as well. In that case, I would wear it with a pair of my favorite sneakers.

If you’re more of a romper girl, rompers are the perfect grad party outfit. They are comfortable and can be casual or formal. I just bought this one from the Kendall and Kylie collection at Pacsun. It is black lace with ties at the shoulder I absolutely love it and cannot wait to wear it this summer.

A simple outfit for grad parties is always nice when you don’t have time to plan one out. When I do this, I usually pick out the shorts I want to wear and then decide which tank top and shoes to pair with it. In the two pictures below, I have a pair of navy blue high waisted shorts from Forever 21. They zip on the side and have no pockets. With these, I would wear it with a tank top that is more loose. If you’re someone who likes bodysuits, those would look good too. The two tank tops shown below are from Forever 21 and fit well with the simple thrown together look. For shoes, I think that a simple pair of sandals looks better than a pair of sneakers. So in this case I would have to give in and wear them!


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