Summer Shoes and Accessories

My summer shoes still consist of sneakers. As you can see below, my not so white Converse are my go-to’s. They are now an off white, so they don’t make as big of a statement with outfits. Converse in general look better with shorts than jeans. The grey Toms on the right are very comfortable and light. I like this style of Toms better than their typical style. My black Vans on the left are new from this winter, but I think I’ll be able to match them to most outfits this summer. If you have a pair of black, white and grey sneakers that you can throw on, you should be set.


I don’t like sandals or flip-flops unless I absolutely need to wear them with an outfit. I have very few pairs in my closet, maybe 3-5 pairs. These two below are the ones I wear most often. They represent my whole style well, simple yet cute. They look like the exact same shoe just IMG_1685different colors, but I bought the black ones from Target and the beige ones from Kohl’s. I wear a pair like these when I have a more dressy outfit on.

If you know me, you know I love hats. Hats in the summer look better with outfits than in the winter. I like the way they flow with the right oIMG_1689utfits. In the picture, the first two are from Pacsun and are two of my top picks to add with outfits. The light blue one is from Forever 21 that I have just recently bought. I think it’ll look cute to wear to the beach or laying out by a pool. The Detroit Tiger’s hat is just relevant to wear in the summer considering it’s baseball season, support your teams! Plus, it’s cute.

I am not a big accessory person, but these are some essentials that I like to have. Everyone should at least have one pair of sunglasses for the summer. I bought these pink ones from Forever 21 and I love them. I like how they are a light and fun color. If an outfit is already colorful they’ll flow well, and if an outfit is more neutral they’ll pop out. When I remember to put earrings on I IMG_1688usually pick between the two studded earrings I have. A pair of silver ones and a pair of gold/cream colored ones. The grey and light green bracelets are Pura Vida Bracelets. I like how simple they look. I wear at least one of them everyday. The black one is an Alex and Ani bracelet that I wear almost everyday as well. My parents bought it for me for my birthday last year. I like how it goes with any outfit whether it’s dressy or casual.


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