California Trip ‘Fits

My family and I recently vacationed in California and I finally had the chance to wear some of my new summer clothes that I have been posting about. I wanted to share my top 5 outfits!

#5 Levi Shorts, tank top from American Eagle and Converse. I thought this outfit was simple. I quickly threw it on to go to the mall. Under the tank top I wore a dark green bralette that added a little color to the outfit and looked well with the tank top.

#4 Levi Shorts, button up shirt from Urban Outfitters and plain sneakers. This shirt hung well on me and looked better with the shorts than I thought it would. I wore it out to dinner one night. The salmon color looks nice with a tan!

#3 Black lace romper from the Kendall and Kylie collection at Pacsun and black sandals from Target. I was excited to finally wear this romper. I wore it to a nice restaurant we went to for dinner and it was the perfect time and place to wear it.

#2 Levi Shorts, short sleeve shirt, cream cardigan and converse. This outfit made it into the top 2 because I loved how casual it was. The orange shirt and cream cardigan matched well together. Plus, the messy bun and glasses fit this look perfectly.

#1 Overalls and a striped shirt with my plain sneakers. This was my top look because I absolutely love the overalls. I used to wear overalls all the time as a kid. They’re back in style, so I thought I’d give them a try again. I loved the vibe of the whole outfit, it was a fun look. I hope you like my outfits as much as I did!



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