“Skrt Skrt”

This charcoal colored skirt is from Forever 21 (I promise I shop in other stores). My closet needed some new dresses and skirts for the summer. I tried on a few colors and styles of skirts, but this one was my favorite.

I like the buttons on it and how it does not have any slits in the sides. It is just a straight down skirt. The color is a little weird and hard to match with. I thought a neutral color would match better than other colors. Black didn’t look well, gray looked okay and white looked the best. With the many white tees in my closet, I decided to wear this short sleeve one from Urban Outfitters. It looked best tucked in. The skirt and shirt paired together had a skater vibe, so I wore my black Vans with it. I really like this skirt because it is so casual, but can also be dressed up if I wanted!



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