Baptism Vibes

My baby cousin’s baptism was the reason for this formal ‘fit. Any “fancy” family gathering for me is a fun excuse to get dressed up. I get the chance to wear the nice clothes in my closet that I never have a solid reason to wear. I bought this pink slip dress from H&M a few months ago and have been wanting to wear it ever sense. As you can see, the dress is quite plain. Under the jacket, the straps are a little to skimpy for a baptism.IMG_0942 I didn’t feel comfortable wearing this by itself, so I tried to pair it with one of my cardigans. I wasn’t feeling any of those, so I borrowed my sisters jacket from H&M. It fit perfectly with the dress. It is longer in the front and shorter in the back. As for shoes, unfortunately none of my sneakers made the cut. I wore open toed heels from Kohl’s. I also dressed the outfit up with jewelry. I wore some of my silver and gold Alex and Ani bracelets, earrings and a simple necklace. For me, that is a lot of jewelry just for one outfit. Formal yet comfortable all day, I was content with my outfit choice.

Photo credits to my sister, Melina.


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