Something Blue

Adding to my shoe collection…. My first pair of blue shoes! Target carried three colors: blue, gray and beige. IMG_0967I have too many gray shoes, so it was between beige and blue. I already have a pair of beige/tan shoes that resemble these, so I went withIMG_0963 the blue pair. This style of shoe is perfect for both casual and formal outfits. On a formal occasion, I would wear these with skinny dress pants or a dress. For the most part, I will wear these more casually. I tried them DSCN2622on with dark jeans, but was not a fan of how they looked. The black and the blue clashed. I have to find the righDSCN2617t pair of dark jeans to wear with these. My light washed blue jeans from American Eagle flowed well. I threw on one of my white tees and had a nice little back to school outfit! I think these shoes can be worn with a lot if worn right.


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