Random Romper

The other day when I was running errands with my mom, we stopped in Marshalls to just looDSCN2533k around. Except, you can’t go to Marshalls and “just look around!” As I was looking through the racks, this romper caught my eye. It was hanging in front of the same romper in navy blue. I thought this one could be cute, so I tried it on. I liked the way it looked on me, wasn’t too short, has pockets and has a simple design on it. The sleeves have an elastic band on the wrists as well as around the waist. It’s an off white/cream color and has red stitching. I bought it with the idea of wearing it to summer BBQ’s, grad parties or going out with friends!


Weekend Steals

Over this past Memorial Day weekend, my cousin and I went shopping and stores were having all kinds of deals going on! I purchased some new clothes for summer and I wanted to share my favorites. These two barlettes were both on sale. The black one is from Express and was 30% off of it’s original price, so I had to buy dscn2524-e1496342843384.jpgit! The other dark grey halter is from Urban Outfitters and was 40% off it’s original price. If you have read my other, posts you would know that I love wearing these under my tanks and tees in the summer.

I bought this t-shrit from Pacsun, it was part of the buy one get one free section of their sale going on. I saw it, and was instantly sold on buying it because it fits my style so well. It says “BASIC TEE” on the chest. I like how it’s an off white. I can add it to my many plain white tees!


This shirt is my favorite item that I purchased this weekend. It’s from Urban Outfitters, so originally it was quite expensive and I almost didn’t buy it. Luckily, it was part of their sale and was 40% off! It is a salmon color button up crop, with a tie at the bottom, and bunches up on the lower back. It is different from my usual style, and when I tried it on, I pictured wearing it with my high rise Levi shorts. When I got home, I found it also looks good with a pair of high waisted skinny jeans and a pair of sandals. I’m happy I bought it and can’t wait to start wearing it!

Grad Party Picks

It is graduation party season! The only thing about graduation parties that I like is that they are a chance to dress up. This outfit to the left is one that I’ve worn to a graduation party before and it is one of mIMG_1693y favorite outfits. Both the skirt and tank top are from Forever 21 and my simple sandals from Target paired well with it. I think a skirt and a tank top is cute combo for a grad party.

I recently bought this pink t-shirt dress from Forever 21. I like the way these dresses look, and I don’t have any, so I found this one and bought it. I think it would be perfect for a grad party. IMG_1699If you wanted to be more formal you could wear it with a pair of open toed heals. The ones I have in the picture are from Kohl’s. I also think it looks good with a pair of simple slip on sandals. This outfit could be worn when out with friends or on a date as well. In that case, I would wear it with a pair of my favorite sneakers.

If you’re more of a romper girl, rompers are the perfect grad party outfit. They are comfortable and can be casual or formal. I just bought this one from the Kendall and Kylie collection at Pacsun. It is black lace with ties at the shoulder I absolutely love it and cannot wait to wear it this summer.

A simple outfit for grad parties is always nice when you don’t have time to plan one out. When I do this, I usually pick out the shorts I want to wear and then decide which tank top and shoes to pair with it. In the two pictures below, I have a pair of navy blue high waisted shorts from Forever 21. They zip on the side and have no pockets. With these, I would wear it with a tank top that is more loose. If you’re someone who likes bodysuits, those would look good too. The two tank tops shown below are from Forever 21 and fit well with the simple thrown together look. For shoes, I think that a simple pair of sandals looks better than a pair of sneakers. So in this case I would have to give in and wear them!

Summer Shoes and Accessories

My summer shoes still consist of sneakers. As you can see below, my not so white Converse are my go-to’s. They are now an off white, so they don’t make as big of a statement with outfits. Converse in general look better with shorts than jeans. The grey Toms on the right are very comfortable and light. I like this style of Toms better than their typical style. My black Vans on the left are new from this winter, but I think I’ll be able to match them to most outfits this summer. If you have a pair of black, white and grey sneakers that you can throw on, you should be set.


I don’t like sandals or flip-flops unless I absolutely need to wear them with an outfit. I have very few pairs in my closet, maybe 3-5 pairs. These two below are the ones I wear most often. They represent my whole style well, simple yet cute. They look like the exact same shoe just IMG_1685different colors, but I bought the black ones from Target and the beige ones from Kohl’s. I wear a pair like these when I have a more dressy outfit on.

If you know me, you know I love hats. Hats in the summer look better with outfits than in the winter. I like the way they flow with the right oIMG_1689utfits. In the picture, the first two are from Pacsun and are two of my top picks to add with outfits. The light blue one is from Forever 21 that I have just recently bought. I think it’ll look cute to wear to the beach or laying out by a pool. The Detroit Tiger’s hat is just relevant to wear in the summer considering it’s baseball season, support your teams! Plus, it’s cute.

I am not a big accessory person, but these are some essentials that I like to have. Everyone should at least have one pair of sunglasses for the summer. I bought these pink ones from Forever 21 and I love them. I like how they are a light and fun color. If an outfit is already colorful they’ll flow well, and if an outfit is more neutral they’ll pop out. When I remember to put earrings on I IMG_1688usually pick between the two studded earrings I have. A pair of silver ones and a pair of gold/cream colored ones. The grey and light green bracelets are Pura Vida Bracelets. I like how simple they look. I wear at least one of them everyday. The black one is an Alex and Ani bracelet that I wear almost everyday as well. My parents bought it for me for my birthday last year. I like how it goes with any outfit whether it’s dressy or casual.

Summer Essentials

If you know me, you know I like winter fashion more than any other season. However, I do like summer fashion almost as much. As soon as it’s acceptable to wear shorts, my summer style kicks in. A few good pairs of jean shorts are good to have. They pair well with just about anything from plain t-shirts to tank tops or a hoodie. I just bought my first pair of Levi jean shorts and I can already tell they are going to be one of my favorites this summer. Next to those I have my go-to American Eagle shorts, a pair of high waisted jean ones and a pair of black mid-rise ones. Those two were the ones I wore most often this past summer. All 3 of these are perfect for everyday looks that I usually pair with a t-shirt.

My closet is filled with t-shirts similar to these three below. In the summer, I typically do not like to wear tank tops. I prefer a t-shirt or a v-neck. I like the way they look with my shorts and they’re easy to just thrown on with any of my go-to shorts. I’d say having a few short sleeve shirts that you can throw on at anytime is a must for the summer.

When I do wear tank tops, I have a few styles that I like and feel comfortable in. The style on the left shows the front on top and the back of the tank top below. I like the way the high neck line makes my shoulders and collarbone look. I bought this from Urban Outfitters. With this style, I usually wear a halter bralette. For this particular one, I have a light grey lace bralette from Urban Outfitters that looks perfect under it. Another style that I like is one with a scoop neckline and is loose fitting. The plain pink one in the middle is one I bought from Forever 21. This particular tank top was supposed to be bought as a crop top. Since I am not a huge fan of those, I bought a few sizes up so it has a more normal fit. The last one is a black v-neck from the Brandy Melville collection at Pacsun. This style is nice to throw on when running errands or out with friends. It also pairs well with any type of bralette. I throw those on under almost everything I wear in the summer!

For someone like me who has a million hoodies filling up her closet, having a go-to hoodie in the summer is a must. I bought this one from Forever 21. It was supposed to be bought as a crop top, so again, I bought the next size up so it’s not as short. IMG_1669It’s perfect for summer nights because it’s light and goes well with a pair of high waisted jean shorts, a cute bonfire outfit. In the picture I have the sleeves rolled up a bit. This hoodie has longer sleeves, so it looks better to have them rolled up in a summer setting.

These are not all of my summer essentials, but these are my basic go-to clothes that I tend to wear on a day-to-day basis!



Rainy Day Vibes

My outfit went well with the weather today. It was rainy and cold, so I wanted to be warm. I also wanted to fit the vibe of the day. I wore my favorite sweater from Forever 21. It has light and dark grey stripes and it is the most comfortable sweater I own. I paired that with my black light washed American Eagle jeans. I love these jeans because of the rips around the knees. The rainy weather gave me a reason to wear my black rain jacket from Target. To go with the dark look, I wore my all black high top converse, but added a little color by wearing my jean Calvin Klein hat. I was warm, dry and felt cute all day, so I would say this was a successful outfit of the day.

Outfit Of The Day

My outfits this past week at school have been slacking. Sadly, I haven’t had much time to put together a cute outfit. Thursdays are my last day of classes for the week, so I decided to throw together a nice outfit because I’m there a majority of the day. I wore a BDG flannel and crew neck short sleeve shirt both from UrbIMG_1387an Outfitters with a pair of dark washed American Eagle skinny jeans. I feel like if you’re a girl you have to own at least three pairs of American Eagle jeans. They are so comfortable and always fit perfectly. I found my shoes at Marshalls. They are Lucky Brand brown short boots. I bought them in the fall and have only worn them with a few outfits. I was debating between wearing my Old Skool Black Vans, my grey Toms or those boots and I thought they would go perfectly with this fall look. Here are a few pictures!