Dangerous Woman

“Young Ariana run pop.” Said by the one and only Nicki Minaj about one of my favorite pop artists, Ariana Grande.

Back when she dropped “The Way” featuring Mac Miller when I was a sophomore in high school, Ariana Grande has been an idol. Since then, I’ve loved everything that she portrays. Her style, music and the person she is.

A month ago, Urban Outfitters started selling her Dangerous Woman Tour merch. Of course I had to support my girl and buy one! UO had a pink one with the album cover on it and the one I am wearing. I decided on this one because I liked the beige color with the picture of her from her “Side to Side” music video. On the arms of the shirt it says “DANGEROUS.”

Unfortunately, UO only had larges and extra larges left, so I bought the large. I liked how it turned out. The bigger fit makes it nice to wear with leggings.

If you want to buy your own, head to Urban Outfitter’s website. There’s more of a selection online than in stores.



Beauty Picks, Tricks and Tips

Starting super simple, girls and guys can both get in on one of my beauty favorites: chapstick. Reading this I bet half of you just licked your lips while the other half just realized their lips were chapped and are in need of some chapstick.

Well, ditch whatever brand you’re using and jump on the Nivea bandwagon. It’s simple, doesn’t have a tint or scent to it, and lasts. I always keep one on me. As I mentioned in a skincare article a while ago, moisturizer is key for your face, including your lips. No one likes chapped lips–to have or to look at.

Another random but easy suggestion to your style is utilizing your black jeans. If you don’t own a pair, now’s the time. In the winter, I’ve noticed that I wear my black and darker grey jeans more than my typical blue jeans. I think they go better with the season and match well with almost anything. I also think that no matter what you wear, dark jeans dress up the look. Try swapping out your blue jeans for a black pair to see the difference.

I might lose some guys at this point, but keep reading and suggest to your friends who might benefit from or enjoy these tips.

My go-to makeup look when I’m in a rush is eyeliner and mascara. It takes about 10 minutes tops and gives a semi-natural look if you don’t feel like doing a full face, but still want to do something. I’ve recently started using Clinique’s “pretty easy” liquid eyelining pen. I absolutely love it. It paints on smooth and has a tiny tip to where I can do a more subtle look or a more dramatic wing when I’m feeling it.

For my mascara, I use the L’Oreal Voluminous Lash Paradise. I used to use the Too Faced Better Than Sex Mascara and loved how it made my lashes look. But as a broke college student who needs to prioritize what I throw my money on, I had to find another option. The L’Oreal mascara is basically a knock off of the Too Faced one that works just the same–and it’s cheaper.

A beauty trick that I have been doing for the past 5 months, that has actually proven to work, is adding a drop of lavender oil to my mascara once a month. Doing this helps your lashes grow and stay full while also making your mascara last longer and look fresh all day long.

My next beauty pick and trick is ditching plain hair ties and using scrunchies instead. Scrunchies are much more friendly to your hair than regular hair ties. I usually wear my hair either up in a ponytail or half-up half-down to keep it out of my face, and throwing it back in a cute scrunchie is one of my favorite things to do to add a little something to my outfits. I’ve found smaller and regular sized ones at Target in basic colors. If you want more stylish ones, just about every retailer carries them. I bought a pack of three (pink, cream and gray) from Francesca’s that I am obsessed with.

The last of my beauty picks that I have to share isn’t something you can see–it’s something you can smell. My two favorite perfumes that I wear are Moonlight and ARI, both by Ariana Grande. I feel like a good perfume (or cologne) is the final aspect of a look to tie it together.


Winter Skincare Tips According to Me

It has been some time since I have posted some outfits, but I promise I have some coming soon.

Nothing ruins an outfit more than feeling insecure about your face, at least that’s how it is for me. I’ve recently become interested in skin care and I am making it a point this year to keep a healthy skincare routine that works for me.

I thought it would be fun to switch up my blog a little and share some of my favorite products with you!

  1. Tripple Threat with Origins

My first three recommendations are all products from Origins that you can get at Sephora. The Origins clear improvement active charcol mask to clear pores is a game changer for tired skin. I used this over break and after washing the charcol mask from my face my skin felt refreshed, clear and soft. 10/10 recommend buying this product.

Next is the Origins Ginzing under eye cream. This is helps depuff and brighten up those beautiful yet unwanted bags under your eyes. Dab a little bit on your finger and lightly tap and rub it in under your eye. We all can safely say that a good night’s rest is not the case during the semester. This is a little boost that will brighten up and outshine the dull overworked look in our eyes.

The third ingredient in my Origins tripple threat recommendation is the Vitazing energy-boosting moisturizer with mangosteen and has SPF 15. This is a tinted moisturizer and the lightweight cream blends in perfectly with your skin tone. I’ve used it over break when I didn’t want to wear any face make up and it looked like I was wearing foundation. Girls, this is perfect for a day when you don’t feel like wearing any make up, and guys, you could use it too, no one would know!

  1. Moisturizing is Key

Year round, but especially during the winter, keeping your skin moisturized is important for healthy looking skin. The moisturizer I use year round is Clinique’s Moisture Surge. I use this every night and every morning after washing my face. It is a lightweight gel that get’s the job done and leaves your skin feeling hydrated and soft. If you already have a regular moisturizer that works for you, keep doing you, but if you’re looking for something new to try I 10/10 recommend trying this!

  1. Mario Badescu for the Win

If you don’t try anything from this article, I strongly suggest trying these two sprays by Mario Badescu. The 4 oz. bottles are only 7 dollars at Ulta and are perfect to top off any morning or night skincare rotuine.

I use the pink facial spray with aloe, herbs and rosewater and the purple facial spray with aloe, chamomile and lavender. I use the pink spray in the morning after washing my face before I put my make up on or if I’m just hanging out around the house or with friends. It’s a refreshing finish to washing your face.

I use the purple spray after I finish my night-time skincare rotuine. The lavender in this spray has a soothing smell to it that I love and it’s nice extra step before I go to bed.

Both sprays are cheap and worth the money, but if you only want to buy one, I recommend the pink spray. The pink one is nice to spray on throughout the day or whenever you need a little refresher.

I hope you take some of these tips and try them. If you take good care of your skin in the winter, you’ll be glowing for summer!


Relaxed Night Out

The other night we went to a downtown area of Palm Beach and it was absolutely gorgeous. The 80 degree day temps dropped down to low 70s, so I wanted to dress warm. My army green overalls are not denim material, so they were comfortable to wear after being in the sun all day. Underneath, I wore a long sleeve grey crop top. My sneakers didn’t go too well with this look, so I threw on my slip on sandals.

Overall this look has a very relaxed feel to it. It looks like my clothes are just hanging on me, but I thought it was cute.


This was taken at one of the buildings that were downtown (excuse my sunburn face). The black straps are my small backpack. I’m jumping on the backpack as a purse bandwagon. I hate carrying purses, but I love wearing my backpack.


Summer in December

I hope everyone had a good Christmas! Mine was spent in Florida with my family. I thought I’d do a little vacation outfit post series to show what I’ve been wearing.

Here, I’m wearing my Levi shorts, and a stripe tank top with a grey cardigan both courtesy of Forever 21. I love the way denim and stripes look together. If you know me, you know I like to be covered as much as I can, so throwing on cardigans over any outfit is my go-to. My basic white sneaks are new, so the “in your face whiteness” pulled the outfit together for a relaxed look. IMG_2281.jpg

Innocent Little Look

It has been a while since I’ve posted, but I thought this outfit deserved to be shared!

Courtesy of Forever 21, the army green top and patterned zip up tank top made the perfect combination for a fun different outfit.

I wore this to work, but instead of the army green top, I wore a plain black long sleeve. Both colors looked good, but I wanted to share this with the green one. Any colored shirt would look good under this tank top as long as the shirt does not have a textured pattern on it. I tried it on in the store with the same green top that had textured vertical lines and it didn’t flow as good.

I saw the patterned tank top on one of the tables about a month ago and thought it would be perfect to layer with. I received a lot of compliments on how I styled this look, so I was happy about that.

As my mom was helping me with these pictures she told me I looked innocent. She’s right, but I think this look is innocent with a little twist.


p.s. more outfits coming soon …

Fashion Show Fun Pt. 2

I had to follow up my last post with a post about my outfit!

I wore a white long-sleeve shirt from the Kendall and Kylie collection at Pacsun, my high-waisted black jeans from American Eagle and the heavy sweater that looks almost like a coat is from Forever 21. I almost wore my healed short black boots, but decided to wear the Target ones instead, good thinking on my part.