“These Girls Want Nikes”

In my opinion, Nikes are the most comfortable type of gym shoes to work out in. I like the way they fit as well as the styles they have. The gym shoes I had before were a pair of tiffany blue Nikes with white soles. They lasted for about 5 years, but I started to think they were getting outdated and not exactly my type anymore. The ones I just bought are off-white and I love them. They are light weight which makes it comfortable and easy to run in. I bought them at Lady Footlocker and luckily they were on sale. Here are a few pictures of them!

Chi City Chills

This past week I was on spring break for school, so my mom and I took a trip to Chicago. The weather was more winter than spring. Luckily for us, the sun was out on both days we walked around theIMG_1307 town. I knew it was going to be cold, so I packed a couple sweaters and long sleeve shirts to layer up. I packed four pairs of shoes, but I ended up only wearing my boots. I bought these off of JustFab.com a few years ago. They are black and have a grey cloth lining around the ankle. They were perfect for walking in all day. Plus they kept my feet warm.

IMG_1286On our first day, my mom and I went to the Bean at Millennium Park. I wore jeans and boots (pictured above), with a sweater underneath my black Michael Kors winter coat. I added my grey neff beanie from Pacsun and an infinity grey knit scarf from H&M. I took the scarf off to take pictures.


Friday was our second and last day. It was colder because of the wind. I wore the same boots, but with black jeans and a teal colored sweater from Forever 21. I topped the outfit off with a dark grey beanie from H&M. The picture to the left is taken in the lounge of the John Hancock building on the 94th floor. We sat and had coffee and tea with a beautiful view of the city (pictured below).


Overall it was a great trip. We also did some shopping and a bought some new clothes. I tried to find summer clothes because it’ll be here before I know it!

Here are a few pictures from our trip!

Casual and Clean

The other day I put together an outfit with the idea of being comfortable and cute at the same time. I wore my Adidas Original Tubular Shadow Knits,  Lululemon black leggings, a cream colored crewneck from Forever 21 and I topped it off with my jean Calvin Klein hat. img_1226

The cream color of my shoes and crewneck complemented each other well. The black leggings in the middle brought out the colors and accented the flow of the outfit. I felt like the outfit needed to stand it out more, so I decided to add a hat with it. Looking at my hat rack, I thought the jean material would flow well with the cream colored crewneck. Calvin Klein is my favorite brand, it has a casual look to it, so it was perfect for this outfit. I received multiple complements on my outfit, mostly my hat throughout the day too!
I hope you guys like it!


Day In The D With New Vs

The weather was absolutely beautiful this weekend in Detroit, Michigan. My best friend Mary and I decided to spend the lovely Saturday downtown at Eastern Market and Belle Isle. For my outfit, I decided to sport my new black Vans Old Skool Skate Shoe. I got them for Christmas and they just came in this past week. To complement my shoes, I wore ripped jeans from American Eagle, a plain white t-shirt and a black, grey, and white oversized flannel jacket. Mary wore her black Vans Authentic Skate Shoe with no laces, which I think looks good. It was the perfect outfit for the nice cool weather we got.


A view of our shoes and partial outfits.

Sadly, I got a blister on the back of my heel from my shoes. It was the first time I wore them, so that is to be expected. Besides having to break them in, they are quite comfortable to walk around in. I decided a tied up look with these look better than not tying them. All of my other sneakers I have are laced up and tucked in the shoe so I don’t have to constantly tie/untie them. With these, I feel that tied up looks more fashionable. I recommend getting these shoes!

Heres a few pictures I took!

New Kicks

I recently bought a new pair of shoes, the Adidas Original Tubular Shadow Knit. I have too many white, grey and black shoes, so I decided to switch it up and get the light brown pair.  I kept seeing pictures of them and thought they looked sweet, so I went to the mall to check them out. They are comfortable as well as slip on and off easy without having to tie the laces. I like the way they’re laced up, I think it looks clean and put together. I’ve been wearing them with either my black Adidas sweatpants or a pair of leggings. I haven’t styled them with a good pair of jeans yet, so thats my next task.

Buttoned Backpack

I love finding cute buttons to put on my jean jacket, but I don’t wear it often, so I can’t show them off. I wore it during the Fall, but once Winter came, I needed something a bit heavier. To show off my cute buttons I decided to put them on my backpack for school. I have a plain black Jansport. I pinned them on the front small pocket and I love the way it looks. It adds some personality to it. The one of the old train station in Detroit I found in Marquette over the summer at this small shop. The train station is my absolute favorite  part of Detroit, so I had to get it. The other two I bought in a shop in Midtown called City Bird. They had all kinds of cute random items in their store. My friend and I spent forever in there. So if you’re ever near Detroit I recommend going to Midtown and stopping in City Bird.


Not So Dad Shoes

New Balances. I know what you’re thinking, total dad shoe right? WRONG. I recently bought a pair of black New Balance shoes because I saw a picture of them on Tumblr and I really liked the way they looked. I think they have a bit of an old school look to them. Paired with the right jeans they actually look really good. They also are perfect to throw on with some leggings or sweats, plus they are one of the most comfortable pair of shoes I own. Guess what? All of the people that judged me for wanting them now all think they are cute and “perfect for me.”

They look best with either tight jeans with cut outs at the bottom or a loose fitted pair of jeans. Those are what I like to wear them with. I also have found myself wearing them whenever I wear leggings. They are easy to throw on and are comfortable when I’m running errands or going out with friends.