Shoe Crazy

I’ve been going a little crazy with the shoes lately. I wanted a new pair of comfy sneakers. I have a pair of gray and tan Adidas, but I wanted another pair in a different style and color. I bought a pair of the Adidas Originals EQT.  Footlocker didn’t carry my size in the woman’s, so I bought from the kid sizes. This is a perk of having small feet. It was cheaper, so I won with this shoe purchase. The pink on the back of the shoe is different for my style, but I think it looks nice with the bright white shoe and gray design. The shoe is light and comfortable, I 10/10 recommend buying a pair.



I am very excited about my recent shoe purchase! I bought a pair of Comme Des Garcons Converse. CDG and Converse collaborated to design this shoe. The styles come in both high and low tops in either black or white. The website I purchased from described this line as “a collection of basics for those who enjoy simplicity.” I have been wanting this pair shoes for a while and after reading that, it describes my style perfectly.

I must have been too excited when making the purchase because I missed where it said “Men’s Sizes.” I accidentally bought 2 sizes too big. Luckily, I was able to exchange them with no problems.

The Converse x CDG can go with almost any outfit because they are so simple. The peekaboo heart at the bottom doesn’t take away the simplicity of the shoe. It adds something and is my favorite part. They’re a solid addition to the shoe collection.


Little Tings

Something I have started to enjoy is finding cute buttons and pins. Last summer I added 3 buttons to my backIMG_1087pack for school. It added some personality to it. I bought the one of the old train station in Detroit from a antique shop in Marquette, Michigan. The next two under that of the Detroit skyline and “CITY BIRD” are from a little shop in midtown called City Bird. This shop had two full jars of buttons that I sifted through to findIMG_1102 these ones.

I wanted to add more, so I went back to City Bird over the summer and found the one of the lightning bolt. My family and I took a trip to Philadelphia this summer, which is where I found the last two pins. I added the heart and the singing bird. My dad and I were walking around our hotel when we came across a cute botique. He was forced to stand in a girly boutique for about 20 minutes as I looked through a huge jar full of pins.

Whenever I come across new buttons that I like I’m going to start adding them to my backpack!


I started to collect pins from different places  this summer. This is the collection so far, and I want it to keep growing. I might start adding them to my oversized jean jacket to style it up. They are from California, Maryland, Pittsburgh and Chicago. The Detroit one is from City Bird. So, whenever you take a trip, bring me back a pin from wherever you went!

Support Your Artists!

Another interest of mine besides fashion is music. I love hip-hop and pop music. One of my favorite artists is Russ. He is a hip-hop/r&b artist and is crazy talented. Russ writes, mixes, masters, engineers, produces and performs all of his songs. He came out with his debut album, There’s’ Really A Wolf, this past May. I was able to go to his concert when he came to Detroit. It was hands down one of the best concerts I’ve ever been to. The energy in the room was insane throughout the entire show. Aside from his music, he launched a website with all kinds of merchandise. I have been wanting to buy one of his hoodies. Last week he put on Twitter that if we used the coupon code THANKYOUFANS we would get 10% off. Of course, I had to buy something! I bought his hoodie with the album cover on it. The design is so simple, but looks sweet and I really like it. So, if you haven’t heard of Russ, I hope you look him up and give him a listen because you will not regret it!

Fall Vibes

For work the other day I centered my outfit around my Tommy Hilfiger hat. I was messing around with my clothes to see what worked, but then I thought the tan hat would look good with my oversized jean jacket from H&M and dark jeans. Under the jean jacket I kept it simple with a white tank top from American Eagle. My Adidas Tubular Shadow sneakers matched my hat, so I wore those to tie it together. I am ready for this fall weather!

Something Blue

Adding to my shoe collection…. My first pair of blue shoes! Target carried three colors: blue, gray and beige. IMG_0967I have too many gray shoes, so it was between beige and blue. I already have a pair of beige/tan shoes that resemble these, so I went withIMG_0963 the blue pair. This style of shoe is perfect for both casual and formal outfits. On a formal occasion, I would wear these with skinny dress pants or a dress. For the most part, I will wear these more casually. I tried them DSCN2622on with dark jeans, but was not a fan of how they looked. The black and the blue clashed. I have to find the righDSCN2617t pair of dark jeans to wear with these. My light washed blue jeans from American Eagle flowed well. I threw on one of my white tees and had a nice little back to school outfit! I think these shoes can be worn with a lot if worn right.

Baptism Vibes

My baby cousin’s baptism was the reason for this formal ‘fit. Any “fancy” family gathering for me is a fun excuse to get dressed up. I get the chance to wear the nice clothes in my closet that I never have a solid reason to wear. I bought this pink slip dress from H&M a few months ago and have been wanting to wear it ever sense. As you can see, the dress is quite plain. Under the jacket, the straps are a little to skimpy for a baptism.IMG_0942 I didn’t feel comfortable wearing this by itself, so I tried to pair it with one of my cardigans. I wasn’t feeling any of those, so I borrowed my sisters jacket from H&M. It fit perfectly with the dress. It is longer in the front and shorter in the back. As for shoes, unfortunately none of my sneakers made the cut. I wore open toed heels from Kohl’s. I also dressed the outfit up with jewelry. I wore some of my silver and gold Alex and Ani bracelets, earrings and a simple necklace. For me, that is a lot of jewelry just for one outfit. Formal yet comfortable all day, I was content with my outfit choice.

Photo credits to my sister, Melina.