Innocent Little Look

It has been a while since I’ve posted, but I thought this outfit deserved to be shared!

Courtesy of Forever 21, the army green top and patterned zip up tank top made the perfect combination for a fun different outfit.

I wore this to work, but instead of the army green top, I wore a plain black long sleeve. Both colors looked good, but I wanted to share this with the green one. Any colored shirt would look good under this tank top as long as the shirt does not have a textured pattern on it. I tried it on in the store with the same green top that had textured vertical lines and it didn’t flow as good.

I saw the patterned tank top on one of the tables about a month ago and thought it would be perfect to layer with. I received a lot of compliments on how I styled this look, so I was happy about that.

As my mom was helping me with these pictures she told me I looked innocent. She’s right, but I think this look is innocent with a little twist.


p.s. more outfits coming soon …


Fashion Show Fun Pt. 2

I had to follow up my last post with a post about my outfit!

I wore a white long-sleeve shirt from the Kendall and Kylie collection at Pacsun, my high-waisted black jeans from American Eagle and the heavy sweater that looks almost like a coat is from Forever 21. I almost wore my healed short black boots, but decided to wear the Target ones instead, good thinking on my part.


Fashion Show Fun Pt. 1

I am interning with a magazine and this weekend one of my assignments was to go to a fashion show, take pictures and write an article about it. I was so excited for this opportunity and it ended up being such a fun experience.

The show was at Eastern Market in Detroit and took place in one of the sheds. Mary and I go to Eastern Market on the weekends for it’s farmers market and one the sheds that is normally filled with flowers and fresh food was transformed into a fashion event. When you walked in the workers at the front table checked us off the list and we got Dior gift bags with earrings, a sample perfume and a coupon for a free spa treatment. There were tables set up with different businesses and modeling agencies there to give their cards and showcase/sell their clothes and jewelry that the models were wearing.

They had a grass wall that said “WALK” at the top for the event because it was the Walk Fashion show.

Mary and I in front of the wall

The event featured some of the nations top independent designers and models. The event was such a fun experience and helped me learn a little more about the magazine and fashion world.

Here are some of the pictures I took!

Quick ‘Fit

Last Monday I was running late for class and had absolutely no idea what I wanted to wear. I threw this outfit on in about 10 minutes and walked out the door. When I got home my mom told me how much she loved my sweater and the whole outfit in general. Then when I walked in my room I found my sister playing with my camera. I saw the perfect opportunity for a mini photo shoot for a post!

I’m wearing a sweater I’ve posted about before from Urban Outfitters with a dark grey tank underneath, black jeans from American Eagle, short black boots from Target and I threw on my black bomber jacket from Forever 21 when I walked out the door.

CK Steal? OK.

My excitement when I saw these Calvin Klein jeans on sale at Pacsun was through the roof. I have been wanting a pair of CK jeans since I’ve become obsessed with the brand (about 2 years ago). I own shirts, sweaters, tanks, a matching wallet and purse and countless comfy sports bras, but not a pair of jeans. When I’ve seen jeans before, they have either been too expensive or not my size. Well, this pair was 70 percent off and ended up being $28! The style of this pair is “Mom Jeans.” They are high waisted, end right at my ankles and have no rips. The only bummer is that they are slightly a size too big, but I could not pass up a pair of jeans from this iconic brand.


Not Your Average Girl? Wait..

I had an average girl moment shopping the other day, I bought another body suit. I know what I’ve said, and if you know me, you know I don’t like them, but they are growing on me. Khloe Kardashian wears them so well with jeans and a jacket or cardigan, and I’m really liking that look. It’s okay, I just bought one. I love this color, I don’t have a lot of it, and the plain style is just right for me. I plan to wear it with one of my long cardigans or with my jean, leather or black bomber jacket.

I wouldn’t be Not Your Average GirlĀ if I didn’t buy some typical “Nicole” clothes when out shopping. Pacsun was doing a 2 for $20 deal with their PS Basics, so I bought the same shirt in different colors, always have to stay stocked on my plain tees.

Sweater Weather

Short and sweet post for a short and sweet sweater I bought from Forever 21. The style is cropped, so I bought a medium so it would cover my stomach. The brown and black stripes are different than my typical black and white stripe tops. It’s a fun sweater for the fall and winter days coming soon!